Our new DeFi course “Fit for DeFi” is here – Free with certificate!

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In my opinion, Decentralized Finance will not go away anymore… quite the opposite! DeFi will have a huge impact on the financial industry and anyone who wants to be successful in the financial industry in the future simply needs to have strong DeFi skills. This means that if you work at a financial institution and do not retire in the next two to three years, then there will be no way around DeFi for you.

Let’s take a risk manager at a bank as an example: How is a risk manager supposed to assess the risks of new financial products if he has no idea about the underlying DeFi services. The same applies to a product manager: How is a product manager supposed to be able to develop excellent products when the entire market has switched to blockchain, but he has no idea about blockchain technologies? And if you’re a relationship manager, then you’re not off the hook either: Your clients will want to invest in cryptos and use DeFi services. How do you want to be able to advise these clients if you have no idea about the new DeFi world? In short: I think it doesn’t matter what your specific role in the financial industry is, there is simply no way around DeFi in the future!

And that’s exactly why I have created the DeFi course “Fit for DeFi”. In this course I will teach you everything you need to know to successfully start your journey in the DeFi world. And if you’re new to blockchains, cryptos, wallets, and all that stuff, don’t worry. You do not need any previous knowledge for this DeFi course. We cover all of this directly in the course.

Here are the most important facts about the course:

7 modules, a total of 2h of video
The DeFi world clearly structured and simply explained
Practice-oriented content
With many on-chain demos to try out for yourself
100% for free
DeFi training for everyone!
With certificate
Certificate for sharing on LinkedIn etc. (see example certificate)
Also for DeFi beginners
No previous knowledge necessary

And here is an overview of the individual course modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to DeFi
  • Module 2: DeFi core concepts
  • Module 3: Setting up your DeFi wallet
  • Module 4: Deep dive decentralized exchanges
  • Module 5: Deep dive decentralized lending
  • Module 6: Deep dive decentralized insurance
  • Module 7: Conclusion of the DeFi course

So… what are you waiting for? Start your DeFi journey now with our DeFi course!


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